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I completed an offer, but didn't get my rewards.

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TitleI completed an offer, but didn't get my rewards.

I completed an offer, but didn't get my rewards


For "Install-and-Run" offers, please be sure to follow the links we provide (Download directly after clicking on our link) and open any downloaded apps over an active internet connection for at least 2 minutes.

All other offers must be completed without deviation from the presented path:
  1. Download for the first time
  2. Reach level or "action" without resetting Advertiser ID or setting "limit ad tracking" to on after downloading the app 
  3. Most offers must be completed within 7-14 days from when you click on the offer.
If you have taken these steps and have not received your reward, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support through the "Reward Status" Menu (3 horizontal lines) at the Top Left of the offerwall in app and be prepared to submit 1-5 screenshots showing you have completed the instructions.

Please be patient as the wait times will vary due to a variety of reasons. Also note that false proof submitted may result in a suspension without warning that may not be reversed. Tapjoy reserves the right to suspend a user at our discretion in accordance with the Tapjoy Terms of Service.

Note: My Tapjoy is no longer supported, but all the features of that app have been integrated in the offerwall via the new Menu at the top left.