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TitleSubmit a Support Request

How to Submit a Support Request


We get quite a lot of requests, so we must humbly ask that you please give us some time, while we get to you in a first come first served manner. 

To submit a Missing Currency Support Request, please follow the directions below.


While using an app

To submit a Support Request from within a partner's app:
  • Go to the in-app store that presented you the offerwall
  • Once on the offerwall, click menu at the top left
  • Tap on the link titled "Reward Status"
  • Tap on the "Not Rewarded" tab
  • Choose the offer that you completed (May take up to 24-72 hours for "Submit" button to show and allow it to be clicked)
  • Fill in your email address, a quick description and attach 1-5 screenshots and then accept the "Terms of Service"
  • Tap on the "Submit" button
  • NOTE: False proof may result in an automatic ban based on human review. If you submit false or fraudulent proof you will eventually get banned. Please refer to our terms of service to learn more about what we consider fraud.

Please note we are not able to support tickets for video offers