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What do the reward statuses mean?

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TitleWhat do the reward statuses mean?

Offer Status

The reward status is shown next to the offer with a corresponding colored icon.
Awarded - You were successfully rewarded
Pending - If you clicked on an offer, it will show up as pending. We are waiting for either you to finish the offer or if you have already done that, we are waiting on the advertiser to confirm that we can reward you.
Can’t Reward - We were unable to reward you. This could be due to an issue with the game/app or the advertiser told us that we should not reward you.

Ticket Status

A ticket status appears on an offer once you have submitted a request to our team to help investigate a rewarding issue.


Pending - Please review the last email from our team to ensure that we have all the information needed to help you with your issue.

Resolved - We reached a resolution on your ticket.

Closed - We did not hear back from you, so we closed your ticket.

Reviewing - We are reviewing your case.

Reviewed: Denied - Your case is denied based on suspicious activity with this offer.