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iOS Users - I am having problems with offers

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TitleiOS Users - I am having problems with offers

Since upgrading to iOS 7 I am having problems with offers


After iOS 7, additional settings are applied by default that can cause rewards to not be delivered properly, or offers not to displaying correctly on our Offerwall.  For a better Tapjoy experience, please ensure that you have "Limit Ad Tracking" disabled, and that your browser is set to Always Allow Cookies. At the very least do not turn "Limit Ad Tracking" off and on as that will severely delay or limit getting rewards. 

To check these settings, please follow the steps below:


Limit Ad Tracking

  1. Click "Settings"
  2. Click "Privacy"
  3. Click "Advertising"
  4. Check that "Limit Ad Tracking" is turned off

Allow Cookies

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Safari
  3. Click on "Block Cookies"
  4. Select "Never"

*Please note: These are recommendations for the successful use of Tapjoy services, and any changes made by the owner of the device are at their own risk. For more information on the Limit Ad Tracking feature, please visit Apple's Support Site, located here: and for more information on security for iOS 7, please visit Apple's Support site, located here: