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How do I Submit a Tapjoy Support Request?

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(We get quite a lot of requests, so we must humbly ask that you please give us some time, while we get to you in a first come first served manner. Thank you so much for your patience!)

Submit a Missing Currency Ticket via  MyTapjoy app:

  • Within the MyTapjoy app, tap on the game you are missing currency from.

  • Tap "Track Rewards" at the top. 

  • Select the offer you didn't receive your currency for.

  • Tap "Contact Customer Support" at the bottom.

  • Fill out the requested fields and hit "Submit".


Submit a Missing Currency Ticket via your in Game Offerwall:

  • Locate your game’s offerwall.

  • Find the "Missing currency?" button.   ie. Missing Diamonds? Missing Coins? Missing Cat food?

  • Choose the offer you completed.

  • Fill in your email address and a quick description of the issue.

  • Tap on the "Submit Support Request" button.​